Ms.Sarala Rao
Founder & Mentor

Body, Mind & Soul … enrich one and the other ones get enriched too!!!
Whilist vouching for the power of beauty science
Ms. Sarala Rao strongly believes

Richness of thoughts & wellness of body, mind & soul are essential for a true portrayal of one’s Powerful personality…..success & happiness automatically follows…Has to follow……..

Warm Greetings.

Dedicated service in the Beauty Industry since it’s Inception on 10 th May’1987 it has not only meant a business but it has been a Richness of Healthy Relationship with our valued clients and students that we truly cherish and appreciate.

Since then SARLA’S stood up as elegantly as it is today with it’s consistent refinement & poise. It has been recognised as a brand of pride & trust in the field of Spa & Salon.

Learning & Sharing being our Forte we managed to offer top of the line technologies keeping pace with the latest trends & ever increasing demands of ever changing life style.

Our highly appreciated services are also attributed to a highly Professional training support from the Skin & Hair Brands of International repute.

We are delighted to be privileged to contribute in the society by spreading beauty awareness…specially with a holistic approach by delivering several beauty related Conceptual Educational Events through Stage Presentations / Seminars / Workshops / Television / Radio Interviews & Beauty Articles in popular Magazines & News Papers.

Efficacy of any product is largely dependent on how skilfully it has been delivered. Here at SARLA’S our highly qualified & dedicated Team of Beauty & Hair experts endeavour in delivering the products beyond it’s efficacy with truly an intense & personal involvement.

Trust being an essence of any relationship & Team Spirit being the essence of any successful business SARLA’S imbibed Team Culture in their employees. Encouraged, polished & uplifted their talents.

With pride we say….Our Teams are efficiently & successfully managing the Centers guided by our Mentor Ms Sarala Rao.

Today SARLA’S Team comprising 60 plus women & thousands of students are leading lives with dignity & integrity through SARLA’S Career center & that brings immense gratitude towards our valued clients & students for giving us the support & opportunity to transform Women into Women of Substance.

When we feel good about ourselves it improves our self image & in turn reduces our stress, helps us in thinking in a right direction & achieve our goals too. Last but not the least….

Watch your thoughts they become your words…..
Watch Your words they become your action…..
Watch your actions they become your habits..
Make SARLA’S your Habit..Bçoz…U Deserve the Best!!!!!

Thank you all for your valued patronage.

SARLA’S Spa, Salon & Academy.